#53 - Amelia Katja

April 12, 2018

#53 - Amelia Katja

In today’s episode, we chat with Tricia and Joel about their daughter Amelia, who will turn 2 in August. Amelia was born with Apert syndrome and during this interview, the couple talks about how they deal with Amelia’s feeding issues during her 5-day NICU stay. They also describe how some of the best advice they received came from an adult who has Apert syndrome as that individual reiterated to Tricia and Joel that Amelia would be OK.

The couple describes Amelia as a funny girl who has a bright smile. She also loves her older sister Jocelyn and copies everything she does. 

Be sure to follow the family on Instagram @triciabrusk and facebook! Also throughout this episode, Tricia and Joel highlight a lot of great organizations, including @theablefables, Cranio Care Bears and @cuddlesforclefts.