#47 - Gus Gear

March 05, 2018

#47 - Gus Gear

In today’s episode, we chat with Sarah Palya about her business Gus Gear and she also introduces her family, which includes 15-year-old Abigail and 13-year-old Gus. After creating medical solutions for Gus initially, the Gus Gear products have helped improve the quality of life and long-term outcomes for many other people who are living with a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Sarah describes how her friend Jen has been one of her biggest supporters and also mentions that the central line wrap is the most popular product at this point. Also in this interview, Sarah talks about how the Oley Foundation Conference was a great opportunity to meet long-time customers. She also regularly connects with other entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh area. 

Sarah mentions her favorite book as being The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and her favorite products come from Ark Therapeutic (@arktherapeutic), including their chewelry.

Be sure to check out Gus Gear online and connect through social media!

Gus Gear